Guatemala, atitlan - 21th of march 2002
"Incredible mariage between lakes and volcanoes"

> A road built in the Guatemalan's nodes
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The border crossing
Our arrival in Guatemala is made through a small border station lost in the high Guatemalans nodes. No apparent difficulties. We discharge our rights of entrance and the temporary importation license of our car. We change in the street our last Mexican pesos by Quetzal (local currency) and take the road. It is broadly in good state. However, there are still some sections where the road gets eaten by impressive crumbling caused by the heavy rains during the rainy season. We will stop at Huehuetenango, a typical stage for one night before setting out again at dawn to Atitlan.

An amazing road
Awaked with the first rays of the sun, four hours of road await us. For lunch, a rich cocktail, slopes, radical curves, incredible landscapes, alternating freshness and heat according to the altitude, intense fog and indigenous villages. An ultimate slope, this one, more vertiginous than the previous ones and here we are: on the edges of the Atitlan lake, at Panajachel.
> Some traditional market scenes
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The magic of the place misses
The lake and the three volcanoes which border it have been absorbed by the clouds. The whole site is plunged in the most total fog. Thus, the place appears to us with a large banality, without any interest, boring. We will spend one night, nothing more, hopping the sunrise will be imposing.

An hostel quite unusual
We all choose a camp-site, dear reunion with our good old men hammocks kept away since more than a week in the bottom of the car. Bargained for a few Quetzals, the spot we chose to spend the night is in reality the garden of a luxurious hotel with swimming pool, located at the edge of the lake. So to speak, we find ourselves again "the feet in the water". Thereafter, this site will reveal to be the best point of view of the entire city.

A great spectacle awaits us at sunrise
The eyes between opened, we awake us very early, seeking for a good surprise. The thick bed of clouds seems almost to have disappeared to be substituted by a fog quite as undesirable. It is 6am. Time to make boil a little of water, have a cup of tea. Finally, the nodes of our three so much awaited protagonists volcanoes, emerge gradually from the fog, by their size. The combat is won. A few minutes later, the sun, absent until now, finishes its rise behind the mountains. It directs all its light intensity on the 3 majestic volcanoes. Cracks are splendid, the blue color of the lake is intense. The spectacle is fantastic!
> Some pictures of a rare beauty
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