Guatemala, Antigua - 23rd of march 2002
"Unique processions of Semana Santa"

A city that worth to be visited
Overviewed by the volcanoes, Acatenango, Fuego and Agua, Antigua the old Guatemalan capital, is more than 1500 meters high. Impregnated by its colonial history and victim of many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the architecture of this city releases a special atmosphere.
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Some religious processions : a spectacular show
Its paved streets, its facades marked by the preceding catastrophes, its numerous churches, make Antigua, an ideal place to organize the religious processions of " Semana Santa ". This sumptuous setting is completed by many flowers frescos realized on the paved streets. During a week, the streets of the city are jostled, trampled and admired by many Guatemalan and occidental tourists. Some of them even play a role in lively representations of the crucifixion of Jesus. The opening ceremonial day, the first procession put together more than 1500 persons all disguised with dress only made for this occasion. It is impossible to walk through the city and go back to its hotel because the long religious processions literally block the streets. Under the inquisitive looks of one of the "Jesus actor", we were kept several minutes on the corner of one of these overcrowded streets.
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A woderfull city where to learn spanish
Besides its fine processions, Antigua is also a cosmopolitan city where many foreigners come here to practice their Spanish and enjoy its warm atmosphere and its easy lifestyle. The whole life happens inside the houses. Their exterior facades, at first looking cold, hide a friendly and secret atmosphere which we discover when trespassing the door steps. These rich interiors in history are laid out around patios, hidden gardens or internal classes which we can see in each posada, hotels, bars, tea living rooms, Internet coffees, nightclub and restaurants.
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